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Nowadays it is very difficult for one to manage all his contacts and their relative information as world is changing very fast. its like a burdon / irritating and seems unavoidable. Netbact gives you a peace of mind regarding this. Netbact manage all contacts at one touch with edge cutting technology. Netbact app. Is one's best and trusted friend and designed in such a way that no one can ressist himself form being it's friend. Advertisement with Facebook and YouTube is costly and no guarantee of its result as it targets a mass which have no interest . Netbact provides a platform were u can advertise with these social media for free and to mostly interested customer which results in higher gain.


A simple visit to your profile via link or QR code scan gives your business partners the option to import all your information into their mobile devices. They don‘t have to transcribe your contact information anymore. You improved your chances to be contacted.


Your card can be retrieved with common tools. Your business partners are not forced to install an extra app. QR code scanners are often present on mobile devices. Even if not, it's still easier to type the short URL in a browser than to manually transcribe the entire card.


Now you have the advantage of tracking the number of views and download of your business card. And you can be notified about it in real time. Use Brand meter as an effective conversion tool. Stay informed about the people interested in your company and react in time to convert them to clients.


webcards eliminate the need to cut tree for the paper. This helps in keeping the environment safe and secure for healthy breathing of pure air. It also helps in preventing deforestation.


# IMPROVE YOUR REACH : You can display social media links on your business card. Your visitors can share easily your information via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. This improves your online visibility. Still, you can remove the sharing links or create a secondary card with less information to be shared.

Why Choose Netbact?

Now a days as we all know that the entire business world has websites for their branding and explaining their services. A website shows the complete functioning of a company and create goodwill in their customer and help to get new customers. All big enterprises have their website for online branding and presence.

Cost of developing a website varies from 20k to lac and have heavy maintainence cost. A normal businessman can not afford to have a website for their business and this keeps him away from huge potential customers. So to solve this problem NETBACT brings WEBCARD for all business and professionals.

A business have a website and businessman have digital business card now netact introduce Website+Digital business card.=Webcard

A Webcard is a unique product which provide your business and personal details to your customers in one click. By using webcard you will never miss your potential customer and can keep your customers updated about you and your product and services. Easy sharebility, editable at users end, unique combination of your profession and social media.

There are many different sorts of information which we want our customers updated about but there is no such platform which can provide this service, but now webcard is available here to solve all these problems in one shot. Netbact believes that your network is your net worth so webcard is the best platform to add new members in your network and increase your networth.

Netbact believes that a BRAND. is the most important asset for any organization so by webcard it help you to BRAND yourself . This webcard is not just for a company or a business personel.This webcard is also for all professionals i.e. Doctors ,lawyers ,artists ,service providers ,etc. Our webcard speaks profoundly about youself than you indeed.

Netbact is a unique and only application which gives you a platform to mix profession and social media to make a perfect blend for maximum results. Now a days it is very difficult for one to manage all his contacts and their relative information as world is changing very fast. its like a burdon / irritating and seems unavoidable. Netbact gives you a peace of mind regarding this. Netbact manage all contacts at one touch with edge cutting technology.

The increasing rate of environmental destruction should serve as a wake-up call to businesses and consumers alike.WEBCARD offers you to market your business in such a way that doesn’t hold that much damage to the environment. When you go for digital , it's a step for saving our mother earth. Netbact digital platform helps in saving environment by reducing paper uses which ultimately protect trees.

How it works

Netbact has two different services one which used to update your customer and second to ease your business.


In this feature a webcard is created from your application which has four sections

Contact : Here webcard provide following facilities to customer to contact you

1. Call: by this feature customer can call you on your multiple numbers without saving you.

2. Whasapp: by this feature customer can whatsapp you without saving your no.



Here you have.


which shows data about no of visitors on your webcard, no of shares, and no of save.

Favorite card: when you click on ⭐ on webcard that card will be saves in this bucket and you can access them easily.



Netbact provides you an opportunity to become web dealer and earn by selling webcards.


Earn commission on sale of our application by your account.

Our best features.

You can upload

  • Latest contact details.

  • Business portfolio.

  • Product / Service Catalogue.

  • Social media platform.

  • Video / Photos of your products / Services.

  • Location of business place.

  • Manage Contacts.

  • Announce offers.

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